Myriam, Wellness Coach

“Our body is designed for movement. If we have a musculoskeletal system it is precisely to be able to move.” This quotation from Myriam could be her credo, because it is indeed the movement as a concept and mechanical act that has always fascinated her. After her baccalaureate in literature, her passion for movement and biomechanics led her to follow a three-year course at INEPS in Tunis where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in physical training. Her meeting with Dr. Bruno Baviéra, a sports doctor and internationally renowned rheumatologist strengthened Myriam’s conception of movement. Rich of her diplomas and her experiences Myriam never stopped to put herself at the service of the well-being of others and to teach movement by making her technical and physiological approach accessible to everyone, in schools, fitness and wellness. Her vision does not stop with movement, it widens by considering that the individual is a whole. This is how Myriam was able to develop a personalized program that takes care of you in a unique and at the same time global way, because it is based on the three pillars of well-being: movement, nutrition, and relaxation. She helps you gain physical health related to a balanced diet based on your daily energy expenditure and she adds an adequate recovery by means of Pilates, stretching or Autogenic Training. With this program available in the form of Personal Training, Myriam opens the way to physical and mental balance.

50 minutes | Chf. 150.-
60 minutes | Chf. 170.-


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