Born in Burkina Faso in a community where body and mind care are privileged as part of the ancestral culture. Mariam feels the desire to share these values. After finishing her training as a beautician and massage therapist in Lausanne in 2002 she joined the Puressens Spa team. During her first year she undertook the Joëlle Ciocco epidermologist training in Paris. She has been practicing as an epidermologist for more than 13 years: “What I like with Joëlle Ciocco is to have continuous training, constantly learning new things, both regarding treatments and the products developed and manufactured in Joëlle Ciocco’s laboratory. It has been more than 10 years since I started practicing the treatments and learning is endless.” She continues to perfect herself by providing skin treatments and body massages of great professional and human value. She puts her energies and knowledge to the service of her clients who are ready to discover the secrets of eternal beauty, interior and exterior.

A real detoxification of the skin. It begins with the consultation which gives precious information on the eco-system and enables a diagnosis, the first step to each treatment. When performing this treatment, skin’s needs are revealed to the therapist either by looking or touching. Each massage technique, each application of plants or oils are totally adapted to the individuality of each face. Then an individual protocole is established to prescribe necessary and suitable products for your own skin and its use in order to prolongate this beauty youth cure.
“From my point of view, this is a primordial treatment regardless of the age of the skin organ. Through it, I can adapt according to the needs of the client, it is for me a personalized treatment that is specific to you which is what makes it so unique.”

120 minutes | Chf. 410.-


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