Graduated in 1995 from a school of aesthetics and massage, Emanuela chose to specialize in well-being and shaped her massage technique over her experiences.

She carried out her first professional experience at the Hermitage Hotel, on the island of Elba, in Tuscany, as a beautician and therapist.

In 2008, she graduated from the Italian school of Shiatsu. "It was important to me to be trained in therapies allowing to massage and treat at the same time. Within my Shiatsu training I was able to flourish by learning to relieve the ailments of my patients."

Emanuela continued her professional career at the Hôtel les Sources des Alpes in Loeche-les-Bains where she provided thalassotherapy treatments, before joining the Puressens Spa in 2019.

"Listening is an essential skill for me to understand the expectations of the people I care for, and thus better meet their needs."


Shiatsu is a Japanese body discipline performed by pressing certain meridians. It is based on the idea of restoring the energy balance of body and mind and stimulates natural defenses to facilitate the proper functioning of the immune system.

Periodically receiving a Shiatsu treatment cycle helps relieve and prevent many illnesses caused by stress. This treatment also helps to reduce stiffness and decrease joint pain. It is useful for problems related to digestion and insomnia.

The Shiatsu session takes place in silence to promote relaxation and listening to the body. It takes place dressed and on a futon.

60 minutes | Chf. 180.-
90 minutes | Chf. 270.-


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