Francesc Miralles, Visiting practitioner from March 20th to March 26th

Francesc Miralles, is an expert in the field of Chinese Medicine and the originator of Harmonia; a concept of natural health covering all the aspects of human being – physical, emotional and spiritual. He offers guests a  personalized package based on the principles of Chinese medicine designed to cleanse, detox, rejuvenate and rebalance mind, body and soul. Francesc’s passion towards natural healing has motivated him for many years, since the early 90’s when he completed a 4 year course of Chinese medicine under the supervision of professors from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. In 1994 he spent one year at the Yunnan Provincial Hospital of China where he was immersed into Chinese culture and traditional healing. It was at this time he met Dr. Zhou Ming who became his mentor until Dr. Zhou’s passing in 2006. During the upcoming years Francesc pursued his studies gaining a degree in physiotherapy while still practicing his Eastern forms of healing. Francesc then founded his Center of Therapies in Girona, Spain, a multidisciplinary practice where he was Director until 2012. Teacher, author of several books and academic, Francesc initiated the development of Harmonia in 2012. Harmonia synthesizes the most complex theories and practical experiences of Chinese medicine to meet the demands of today’s global culture. This personalized program cares for your unique details towards natural beauty, physical wellness, diet suggestions, lifestyle conditions, local energy to respect the sense of place, relaxation and humanity to compensate perfectionism. Harmonia adopts different appearances but is, in its purest form, an avatar towards spirituality, physical health and beauty along with mindful balance.

Physiotherapy, Acupunture, Craniosacral Therapy
50 min | Chf. 200.-


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